The term "disk space" is oftentimes labeled as "disk quota" or "data storage", yet all these words mean exactly the same thing - the volume of data that you can upload to a shared web hosting account. The full size of everything you have is estimated by accumulating the space consumed by all the content in the account, the most obvious being the data files that you upload. Two more things are usually overlooked by the majority of people, though - e-mail messages along with databases. Larger attachments and databases of larger script-driven websites can sometimes need a lot of disk space as well. In order to employ a more familiar analogy, the hard drive space of your home computer is used not just by files you download, but additionally by documents you write and programs you add. Similarly, a number of things are counted for the hard disk space that your content needs on a website hosting server, not only the uploads.
Disk Space in Shared Web Hosting
In order to suit the processing performance behind our cloud web hosting packages, we have thought over and implemented the perfect option for the disk space - your hosting account will not be created using one server, but using a cluster platform. Due to this fact, what we've assembled is a whole cluster of servers that is focused on the file storing only, consequently you should never concern yourself with not having enough HDD space and having to migrate to a different server as your present one cannot accommodate more data. In case an additional space is necessary, all we need to do is add extra machines to our cluster, so that the storage space is unlimited. Still, our Linux shared web hosting services were made to be employed for sites, not for a collection of big files. We also have distinct machines for your databases as well as the e-mail messages.
Disk Space in Semi-dedicated Hosting
Due to the fact that all our semi-dedicated server packages are incredibly powerful, we've chosen never to restrict the disk space attribute when we have created them. Our reason is that if you use a powerful package, it's very likely that you've got plenty of website data, therefore every single semi-dedicated server plan has limitless disk capacity, which will help you focus on developing your sites without having to worry if you'll match a quota. Your account will be created using a cloud web hosting system where the emails, files and databases use their own groups of servers, hence not only will the machines perform more effectively given that just a single type of system processes will work on them, but in addition you won't ever need to worry about the hdd storage because we can easily install as many servers or hard drives to every single cluster as needed.
Disk Space in VPS Hosting
With our Linux VPS hosting services, we provide sufficient disk space for all of your content that suits the rest of the server features, thus a better plan comes with a larger quota. You are able to use the space as you can see fit, because there are no particular allowances for your website files, databases or emails - they all share the whole disk space of the server. Yet, when you prefer to have some limitations, you can buy your VPS package with cPanel or DirectAdmin as the hosting Control Panel, and then you'll be able to generate hosting accounts with a fixed amount of hdd storage for every single domain that you host on your server. If you require extra storage someday, you'll be able to effortlessly boost your plan with a couple of clicks and the extra characteristics will be included with your current account, so you will not be required to migrate anything at all and your web sites will always be operational.
Disk Space in Dedicated Web Hosting
The lowest hard disk space that you can get using our dedicated servers is 500 GB. You'll have two HDDs, 250 gigabytes each, and it will be up to you exactly how you'll utilize this storage. You can have the disks in RAID, therefore your data will always be secured as one drive will function as a real-time mirror of the second one, alternatively you'll be able to have them operate individually, in order to use the overall storing volume that will be at your disposal. The hdd space of all our Linux dedicated web hosting will do for everything - major online shops, data depository portal, individual archive backup, and much more. We will never keep back your web sites in terms of the hard disk storage they need. Once that they start increasing, we supply you with the opportunity to add additional drives to your present server when needed. If you get the server with DirectAdmin or cPanel for the hosting Control Panel, you'll also be able to create an independent account for each hosted domain name and set a hard disk space quota for it. With Hepsia all domains will be hosted in one place and they will share the overall server storage.